We love what we do.

We get inspired by the enthusiasm that our clients get when we embark on a new project with them, looks of pride when the impossible is pulled off, the simple joy of completing the mundane, the tweet and instagram of ‘that’s brilliant’. The determination on the faces of our graphic designers when we have to do the same thing (but differently!)

Over the years we have collaborated with brands that are global giants, local hero’s, blue-chip corporates, innovators, ‘bread and butter’ stores, integrated thought makers, start-ups, break-ups and more. Interacting with these brands over the years has given us insight into a kaleidoscope of business practises, concepts and processes that have allowed us to better deliver on ways to make our service to our customers beyond achievable.

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We do more than just advertising and design.

We go with our clients on the journey of developing an idea, to corporate identity development, branding, creating complete advertising and marketing material, media strategy and most importantly, results.

We do the things that matter.
The things that make us stand out from the crowd and help our clients to achieve their goals.
We always strive to go further and do more.

We do the things our clients ask us to, for the good of the brand, and always for the good of our clients. We remain sharply in tune to industry changes and adapt to our clients needs.

Design | Strategy | Create

Media | Consulting | Reporting

Addictive has a special interest in the implementation and management of South African marketing campaigns for international brands – with best practises implemented across all spectrums to ensure that a local footprint of a global brand is well received.


The Addictive Group of Companies is taking our gained knowledge into the
folds and corners of our business to IMPLEMENT, INTEGRATE & INNOVATE
at every turn.
• Advertising – Print, OOH & Radio
• Specialised retouching
• Corporate identity development
• Printing – litho, digital & large format
• Retail marketing
• Brand Activations
• Copywriting
• Graphic design
• Animation
• Illustrations
• Photography
• International Brand Implementation
• Media strategy & planning
• Brand strategy
• Communications Strategy
• Event & campaign development
• Budget planning & control
• Marketing Synergies


Call us any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Leigh Barrow Greg Barrow
CEO: Addictive Media CEO: Addictive Communications
leigh@addictive.co.za greg@addictive.co.za