We love what we do.
Especially on days that we get to embrace new products, ideas and strategies. We love the enthusiasm that our clients get when we embark on a new project with them, the puffed up faces of pride when the impossible is pulled off, the simple joy of completing the mundane or the determination on the faces of our graphic designers when we have to do the same thing (but differently) of course.

We love the drama and pressure, the "all or nothing" attitude, the complex ideas that comes from a new brief, a strategy being grasped or exposure to new media opportunities. We love the words that pour onto our keyboards to create unique phrases and sayings that bring our clients images to life, the double click of a mouse and the satisfied sigh from a designer.

Over the years our clients have become friends, the brands we work on have become more successful and our thought processes have diversified. Along the way, we have learnt the language of adrenalin & racing, beauty & fashion, trade & industry, childcare & finance……it is this integration of people and products that have transformed Addictive from a traditional advertising and marketing agency, to a 'gotta-work-with-them, integral-part-of-the-team" kind of company that collaborates with our clients and suppliers for full service marketing.